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Update Monday, April 21

Preble Road is once again CLOSED.
You'll need to come via Rt. 11 to both the house and the barn.

  • CHICKEN - See below for chicken sale dates....
  • EGGS - LOTS OF EGGS!! **Eggs are located over at the Shop at the barn in the Snapple Cooler
  • BEEF - Quarter pound patties, shaved/minute steaks, ring bologna, stew, chuck roasts, brisket, filet, strip - in the Shop.
  • PORK -Taking orders for summer pork - June/July. 3 halves left.
  • DOG FOOD - Dog Food - Ground beef from certified organic cull dairy cows. This is NOT a certified processing facility, therefore can NOT be sold as certified organic dog food. Two pound tubes are $6 per each tube ($3/pound).
  • Compost - its getting to be that time! Call Paul at 604-591-0410 to make an appt.

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, Where, When, Prices, and Need to Know

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Directions to the farm Please use these directions rather than relying on GPS, as different products are located in different spots on the farm.


We do sell retail beef as well as wholesale beef.

Please get in touch if you'd like something set aside for you.

If you are interested in beef and have not yet visited our farm, please set up an appointment. Once we show you around, you may come and shop whenever you'd like.

Retail beef is located in the Shop, located directly opposite (north) of the dairy barn - look for a screen door. Please contact us if you would like to reserve an order. Alternatively you can serve yourself and leave payment in/on the purple clipboard. If you would like to order a special cut for a future processing please contact us.


Chicken & Turkey *

2014 Turkey Processing Dates:

June 13-14 Sold Out
July 11-12
August 8-9
September 5-6
September 19-20* *Red Birds

August 22-23
November 22-24

Please see Chicken and/or Turkey page for complete details.

*dates subject to change -WITH notice.

Pork price is $4.75 per pound, plus processing, for wholesale pork, which is a half or a whole pig. If interested, please contact us. Orders now being taken for mid-summer pork.

We gladly accept clean, recycled egg cartons that are in good shape. It seems to work best (and save space) if you are able to nest the cartons within each other. Leaving them on top of the fridge is fine. We do not accept half dozen, or dozen and a half cartons.


Healthy soils = Healthy plants = Healthy animals = Healthy people!

Compost is available any time by appointment. The best times for us is 4-6 any afternoon,or 8-9 on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Please call or email and make an appointment first, so we can be ready with the loader.

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