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2019 Cobblestone Valley Farm, PO Box 121, Preble NY 13141 | 607-591-9607


Turkey Pick Up Days are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before Thanksgiving. Information about pick-up times/dates will be sent as the time draws near. We will also be offering frozen turkeys for Christmas; processed during the Thanksgiving dates and held in our freezer for you until Christmas.

Ordering Info:

  • Standing Orders for annual Thanksgiving Turkeys are accepted and appreciated. This option is helpful for forgetful people, and there is no penalty for cancellation if plans change. You can make note of Standing Order status when you order.

  • To Order - Please either reply to a newsletter or send an email from here.  An online order form is in the works, but not quite ready yet.

  • A Confirmation Email - from us should arrive promptly. If you do not get one within 2 weeks, please re-send the order email. If you do not get a confirmation email, please know that you are not guaranteed to be on the list.

  • Please order early; there is no down payment required, and no penalty for cancellation.

  • Please mark your calendars with the turkey dates so it is not a surprise at that time. We do send informational updates via emails as Thanksgiving approaches.


In order to accommodate those looking for a  guaranteed smaller size (under 15 lbs), we will process a small group of birds on November 14. The caveat here is that these birds will need to be picked up that weekend, and frozen until Thanksgiving - 10 days away. If this fits into your plans, or helps to solve a problem for you, please lets us know. 

Turkeys are $5.75/lb for certified organic birds. Weight range is 12-25+ pounds (unless ordering a Small Turkey see above)  with an average weight of 16-17 pounds.  The exact price of your bird will be unknown, however, until you pick one out.


  • What do you mean by 'pastured'?  We brood the poults (baby turkeys) indoors for 4-5 weeks, then we graduate them to bottomless cages on pasture. They are in the cages for  1-2 weeks, which acclimates them to the outdoors and provides ample protection from the elements. When they are outgrowing the cages, (and know enough to come in from the rain!) they graduate again, this time to a moveable shelter that is surrounded by electric netting. The netting provides a much larger area for them to roam, as well as protection from any predators that might be in the area. Turkeys are aggressive foragers, packing in the green stuff with great gusto and joyful noise! The pasture diet is supplemented with certified organic grains and minerals. The result is a juicy, incredible tasting bird for you and your family to enjoy. Pasture provides, among other things, chlorophyll from the green grass. Chlorophyll is a wonderful, natural de-toxifier. Yellow fat on poutry and beef,  deep orange egg yolks, and naturally yellow butter all reflect high levels of chlorophyll in the diet.

  • Pastured birds cook fast! ...And other need-to-know tidbits from  Shannon Hayes' Pastured Turkey Cooking Tips.  This is a must-read if you've not already seen it from prior years.

  • How do I purchase from your farm?  Birds are purchased on a pre-order basis (please refer to 'Ordering' section, above) and will be available in November, as noted above. We occasionally have extra/frozen birds, please email for availability.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept checks, cash, Venmo & Cash apps, and cards. We prefer checks, cash, and the apps, which do not cost us any processing fees.

  • How/where/when do I get the bird(s) that I have ordered?  Turkey is purchased on a pre-order basis and will be available on sale dates, as noted above. Informational email reminder/updates are provided,  Pick-up times are between 4-6 p.m.on Saturday, Sunday, & Monday before Thanksgiving, at the shop at the Dairy Barn (Google Address is Cobblestone Valley Farm. Other GPS is 6609 Rt. 11 Homer NY) unless other arrangements have been made.

  • How much will my turkey weigh? Can I get a specific weight?  Turkeys come whole, bagged and with giblets (heart, liver, gizzard, neck). Weights range from 12 - 25 pounds, with an average weight of 16 pounds.  We cannot provide you with a specific turkey weight, but if you are looking for a small bird, we will be accommodating that request on November 10. The caveat is, you will need to freeze your turkey until Thanksgiving (or whenever).  Otherwise, if size is important to you, then please arrive at pick-up as close to 4:00 as possible. That way you have the benefit of choosing your bird from as many as are available, rather than taking what is left at 6:00. As the time draws nearer to turkey processing we will send an informational update via email as to how we will handle many turkeys with limited cooler space.

  • Do you need a down payment?  No. Pay for the bird when you pick it up. Since you choose from the birds that are available, the exact price won’t be known until then.

  • Is there any other place that your turkeys are available?  No, not at this time.

  • Can you cut my turkey up for me?  If you would like your turkey cut up, we can do it for you for a $10 service charge.  If you would like to learn how to cut up your own turkey, let us know in advance and we would be happy to show you how - for free!

  • Where are you located? The Shop is technically located at 6609 Rt. 11, Homer NY, but putting this location into a GPS other than Google Maps often leaves people stranded on Rt. 11 somewhere. Here is a MAP that should help.

CVFarm Poultry Facts:

  • Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC

  • Environmentally responsible agriculture

  • As with all certified organic products - No antibiotics, GMO's, or hormones

  • Amazingly rich, delicious taste and texture

  • Raised on grass, sunshine and fresh air

  • Carefully hand eviscerated

  • No chlorine baths or irradiation

  • You may inspect the birds at any time

  • Processed right here on the farm