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2020 Cobblestone Valley Farm, PO Box 121, Preble NY 13141 | 607-591-9607

Cobblestone Valley Strawberries





Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC





Our strawberry plants receive adoring, individual care as they are planted into a new field every year. Each field is nourished by our own compost and maintained by the hard work of our hands & backs, and tractors. You'll taste the difference as every berry gives you an explosion of incredible, organic flavor! Per USDA organic standards, CVF strawberries are not sprayed and are not treated by anything else otherwise artificial or questionable. Our strawberries are certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC.

9-6 Monday through Friday
8-2 Saturday and Sunday; We close at 2:00 on the weekends.
July 4 picking from 8-12
Weather and berry ripening closings will be posted in the header section of this page, on Instagram & Facebook, and on the Farm answering machine: 607-749-4032 or 607-591-9607. If in doubt it is always best to check first. Sometimes it is raining here, and not where you live, and vice versa. Please check so as not to be disappointed if you are driving a distance.

This year the field entrance is located on Preble Road, past the railroad tracks, near the driveway to the dairy barn.  The GPS address is 2100 Preble Road or, Google Cobblestone Valley Organic Strawberries.  Keep your eye out for signs on Preble Road.








$3.75 per pound for pick-your-own berries - this translates to roughly $4-5 per quart. It is best to bring your own containers, although we do have quart baskets and 5 qt buckets available for sale at the field; for $0.25 ea. and $2 respectively.
FYI - A quart container filled with berries weighs between a pound and a pound and a half. Common containers include pails, (5 gallon pails are too big; the bottom berries are crushed) pots, baskets, bowls, tupperware, etc. No need to buy containers if you can bring your own : )
Payment methods include cash & check. Checks made out to Cobblestone Valley Farm.
We weigh the containers before picking, and then deduct the tare weight after the berries are picked so that you are not charged for the weight of the container.  We are a 'drive-thru' weighing station, both on the way in to weigh (or buy) your containers, and also on the way out as we weigh the berries and complete the sale. There will be signs directing you. So, no need to park first to have your containers weighed.
Payment methods include cash & check.


  • When do you open for the season?  This year we will be opening on Saturday, June 22.


  • How long is the berry season?  The season is always weather dependent, but we anticipate it lasting at least 10-14 days.  Fourth of July usually wraps up the season, but check back often for updates at the top of this page.


  • Are you open every day?  Weather aside, we try to open up every day of the season. Occasionally we will need to close for a day to allow the berries to ripen. This may happen after a weekend of heavy picking, or if we are between varieties. We'll post at the top of this page, on Facebook, and on the farm phone line 607.749.4032 or 607-591-9607.  Its always good to check first before you make the trip.
  • How does pick your own work?  There is a drive-thru weigh station, where containers are marked & weighed (and/or purchased); the attendant will tell you where to park, and where to pick.  Please see above under the 'HOW' section for complete info.


  • Can you pick the berries for me? We will have a limited amount of pre-picked berries availble for $7/quart. We are  always looking for a few strong-backed and hard-willed berry pickers this year! Email us if interested.


  • Do you allow children to pick?  Yes! Children are always welcome at the field. We ask that you teach them how to pick properly, and assure that they are supervised. If you plan on picking for a while it may be a good idea to bring something for a younger child to play with in case they lose interest in picking. Please, no throwing berries or running in the field.


  • What varieties do you grow?  This year we have  Honeoye, Jewel, and Flavorfest.  There are early, mid, and late season varieties, with the hope that whenever you make it out to pick, there should be nice berries here for you.  See box above for 2019 update on this.


  • Can I bring my dog?  Please, please leave dogs at home. They don't realize that they step on berries! Also, quite often our dog, Riley, trots down to visit at the field. He loves people, but is socially inept with other dogs.


  • How will I know which berries to pick?  Strawberries will not ripen very much after picking, so be sure the berries you pick are fully ripe. Keep stems or hulls on the fruit to preserve freshness. Without them, strawberries will lose their vitamin content, become waterlogged and are more vulnerable to mold.   Pick large and small ripe fruit. Avoid over-ripe berries - look for firm, shiny, bright and well shaped fruit. Check under the leaves, as some of the best fruit is hidden.


  • How do I freeze all these berries that I picked?  Whole unsweetened: Wash only if necessary, and hull. Place berries in a single layer on cookie sheet and freeze until hard. Store in your favorite container.  Sweetened Berries - Wash if necessary, hull, and slice berries. Sprinkle about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of sugar to each quart of berries. Mix sugar and berries, let sit until juice forms, about 1/2 hour. Pack into freezer containers.


  • Is there a bathroom available?  Yes, we do have a porta-john at the field, and there are hand wipes and paper towels at the weigh station.


  • What happens if it rains?  Weather closing will be posted at the top of this page and on Facebook, and also on the Farm answering machine: 607-749-4032 or 607-591-9607. When in doubt it is always best to check first. Sometimes it is raining here, and not where you live, and vice versa. Please check so as not to be disappointed if you are driving a distance.



Herb Enthusiasts: Because our fields have not been sprayed, we often have a variety of desirable herbs growing in the fields. Please feel free to bring trowel and a container if you would like to bring some plants home with you. We have an abundance of chamomile and mallow growing, as well as dandelion, plantain, and sometimes chickweed and red clover can be found.

2019 Strawberry Season has come to an end.