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2019 Cobblestone Valley Farm, PO Box 121, Preble NY 13141 | 607-591-9607

It's All About the Grass!

2019 Sale Dates:

June 7-8

July 5-6

Aug 9-10

Aug 30-31

Sept 27-28* Red Birds -  Grow-out for these birds requires an extra few weeks, which results in a firmer textured with a bit more flavor due to the extra time on the ground.

Price Info
  • Whole bird, neck on, bagged and labeled with package weight: $5.50/lb. Bird Giblets sold separately.

Average weight is 4.5 - 5 pounds with a range between 3 - 6+ pounds. Birds are chosen by you at pick-up. Frozen birds are available occasionally, please inquire.

  • Liver: $6/lb

  • Hearts & Gizzards: $3.50/lb

  • Unpeeled Gizzards: $2/lb - please pre-order

  • Feet: $1/bag please pre-order

Since we are talking about price, this would be an appropriate time to send you over to our go-to girl on all things grass-fed:  Shannon Hayes of Grassfed Gourmet and Radical Homemaker fame. Shannon has a fabulous blog post called One Chicken, Three Meals that puts the price of pasture-raised birds into compelling perspective. In addition to what the blog post addresses, we like to simmer (or Instant Pot) the stock for a longer time so that the bones crumble as any extra meat is picked off of them. We then use what is left after draining the stock off as home-made, good to the last drop dog food, gaining yet more value from a single chicken

Ordering Info:

  • Sale dates are noted at the top of this page, and the early spring version of our newsletter contains the chicken processing dates for the season. Monthly email reminder/updates keep track of the dates as well. You can order at any time, but early orders are appreciated, as it helps with planning.
  • To Order - Please either reply to the newsletter with how many you'd like for each date, or send an email from here.  An online order form is in the works, but not quite ready yet..
  • If you are unsure or can't decide how many you might like, order the higher number. It is much easier for us to sell your extra chickens than to try to find some more for you at the last minute. Orders can be reduced at any time, but the the sooner we know about it, the easier it is for us to sell them. Many customers find that they like to order a second chicken or two at each processing to place in the freezer for the winter months.
  • Even though a reminder is sent the week before processing, please do mark your calendars with the dates you have placed your orders. It is so easy to forget on busy summer days!
  • What do you mean by 'pastured'?  We brood the chicks indoors for 2-3 weeks, and then put them out on pasture in floorless cages which provide access to pasture, and which are moved twice daily for the next week or so.  For the final 3-4 weeks, the chickens are mature enough to roam freely in a large, electrified netting with moveable shelter to protect them from the weather. Pasture provides, among other things, chlorophyll from the green grass. Chlorophyll is a wonderful, natural de-toxifier. Yellow fat on poultry and beef,  deep orange egg yolks, and naturally yellow butter all  reflect high levels of chlorophyll in the diet. Chicken is a seasonal item on our farm because they are raised on pasture. One group/month from June thru August, and two groups in September.
  • How do I purchase from your farm?  Birds are purchased on a pre-order basis (please refer to 'Ordering' section, above) and will be available on each processing date, noted above. We occasionally have extra/frozen birds, please email for availability.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept checks, cash, and cards. We prefer checks and cash.


  • How/where/when do I get the birds that I have ordered?  Chicken is purchased on a pre-order basis and will be available on sale dates, as noted above. Informational email reminder/updates are provided for each date. Pick-up times are between 4-6 p.m.on Friday & Saturday at The Shop at the Dairy Barn, unless other arrangements have been made.  Google Address is Cobblestone Valley Farm. Other GPS is 6609 Rt. 11 Homer NY.  If you do not pick-up and no prior arrangements have been made, we reserve the right to freeze and/or sell the ordered birds, but we so much prefer to hear from you before it comes to that : )
  • Is there any other place where your chickens are available?  Perhaps.  We've been know to deliver frozen birds to Syracuse, as there are usually trips there 1-2/times per week.  If this option interests you, please get in touch so that we can figure details.


  • How much will my chicken weigh? Can I get a specific weight?  Average weight is 4.5 - 5 pounds with a range between 3-6+ pounds. Since you choose from the birds that are available, the exact price won't be known until you choose your bird(s). Birds are sold whole, with neck on, bagged and labeled with weight, price per pound, and Total Price.


  • What happens if I forget to pick up my order?  First things first - please make sure that your order dates are in your phone or on your wall calendar - with a reminder set.  We have a substantial amount of time and money invested in each group of birds and count on that date for cash flow and budgeting purposes. No-shows cost time and money, so please try to remember to make arrangements if there is a conflict on any particular date. If you decide that you don't want your order, it is very helpful for us to know this in advance. If we don't hear about cancellations until after the fact, it leaves us in a bit of a bind. We are happy to work with you on this!


  • What is your minimum order?  You can order as few or as many as you'd like. The minimum order is one bird.


  • Can you cut my chicken up for me?  Birds are sold whole, with neck on and no giblets. We do not have the facilities to cut up chicken; but would be happy to show you how. Here is a well-done video about cutting instructions. This is a not-at-all-difficult life skill, but you do need a good knife!  Once you've learned, it just becomes a habit, like so many other things in life.  

CVF Poultry Facts:
  • Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC

  • Environmentally responsible agriculture

  • As with all certified organic products - No antibiotics, GMO's, or hormones

  • Rich, delicious taste and texture

  • Humanely raised on grass, sunshine and fresh air

  • Carefully hand eviscerated, right here on the farm

  • No chlorine baths or irradiation

  • You may inspect the chickens at any time